1- The competition

BNP Paribas Master’U is an international university team’s competition. The event belongs to three founder members, all part of the tournament committee: French University Sport Federation (FFSU), French Tennis Federation (FFT) and BNP Paribas (Direction of sports events France)

 2- Eligible nations

The competition is open to nations invited by the tournament committee. For each nation, the invitation is addressed to the National University Sport Federation as notified on the International University Sport Federation.

 3- Registration - Formula

The competition is running over three days, from Friday 30th November to Sunday 2nd December 2018. The teams are welcomed from Wednesday 28th November ‘til the following Monday (3th December).

Invitations are addressed between March and June to the eight nations selected by the tournament committee.
General Entry: 1er July
Nominative entry: 10th November

General Entry: 1st July

Nominative entry: 12th November


4- Team nomination

Each team is composed of:

  • 6 players, 3 female and 3 male:
    • The nationals of the country (validate passport from that country)
    • Registered students in an higher educational establishment (certified eligibility established registry)
    • Born between 1/01/1993 et 31/12/2000
  • Two Officials (One team captain and one Coach)

5- Tournament management and officiating

Tournament Direction:
- Deputy National Director of FF Sport U
- Director of Regional League of University Sports
Tournament Committee:
- Tournament Director or his deputy
- One Representing French Federation of University Sports or his deputy
- One Representing French Tennis Federation or his deputy

Referee and Assistant:
- Referee :
- Chief of official

 6- Composition and order of play

Every tie consists of 7 matches: 2 women singles, 2 men singles, 1 women doubles, 1 men doubles and 1 mixed doubles.

In every tie, 3 men and 3 women of every team have to play:

-        At least one match (singles or doubles)

-        Maximum of two matches (1 singles and 1 doubles) 

7 - Draws

The seeding nation will be based on the final ranking of the teams from the last tournament played. If a new country is talking part of the competition or after a
year off, the position number 8 will be allocated at the country.
# 1s t Seed is the defender champion. The nation is set on the top of the draw, line 1.
# 2nd Seed is the nation runner up. The nation is set on the bottom of the draw, line 8.
# 3r d and 4th Seed is allocated following the final ranking of the last tournament.
- 3r d and 4th Seeds are drawn together. The first seed drawn is put into the draw on the line 3. The other seed is put on the line 6.
# Following position 5, 6, 7 and 8 are drawn from top to bottom in descending order in the vacant line.

Final Ranking 2017 :
1st Great-Britain
2nd USA
3rd Germany
4th China
5th France
6th Ireland
7th Belgium                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           8th Russia

Seeding 2018 draw:
- Seed 1 : Great-Britain
- Seed 2 : USA
- Seed 3 : Germany
- Seed 4 : China
The team nomination must be sent to the tournament committee before 2018 10th November. Any change of team nomination after the deadline must be sending to the tournament committee and confirmed to the referee once on site with all
mandatory documents.

8- Match Schedule plan

The single will be playing best of 3 tie-break sets.

Doubles matches will be play best of 3 sets, NO. AD, final set match tie-break (first team to in 10 points with 2 points difference).

Doubles Matches, when it is not decisive, can be played in pro format set (First team to 8, tie-break at 7 all).

The single n°2 are played first, to follow by the single n°1, followed by boys and girls doubles, to follow, last, mixed doubles.

Doubles matches will begin at the latest 30 minutes after the end of the last single match (girl or boy).

Captain or Assistant captain or one player from the team is allowed on court (one per court).


9- Order of play

Matches will follow the order of play published by the general referee.

The singles nominated players for the day must be given to the referee at the latest half 45mn before the start of the singles, on the official form. The nomination of the teams for doubles must be given at the most twenty (20) minutes following the end of the last singles match respectively.

10- Balls

French Open Balboas Balls. Balls change at 11/13 games, 4 balls in play in single. No ball change in doubles

11- Incident

When accepting to take part of the competition, each participant must commit him or herself to conduct in a professional manner on and off court. Each nation and members of the team including the captain, who does not respect this commitment, will be exposed to penalties in accordance of the rules book.

In case a team appears at the beginning of the event with only 5 players, the mixed doubles will not be competed and the point of the match will be awarded attributed, in every tie, to the opposing team.

In event of a disqualification during a match, the score to be registered is to complete the score. The player disqualified during the singles cannot participate in doubles. He should be excluded from the competition on decision of the tournament committee.

The following code of conduct will be applied: warning / Point Penalty / Point Penalty or Disqualification etc. (ITF rules).

12- Medical

- 1 Doctor

- 2 Trainers

Medical staff will be on site for the duration of the competition. They will be allowed to go on court if necessary, following ITF rules. Off site treatment can be provided.

In case of retirement in single (cramps, sickness), the player could play in doubles if the official medical staff authorizes him.

In case of medical issues confirmed by the official medical staff (Injuries, disease, etc.) the team is not disqualified but must finish the tie with the other players; It is mandatory that the lower ranked player will play 3 (three) matches (in accordance with rest period).

National Federations and nominated players representing their nations are subject to anti-doping program according to the International Tennis Federation or by the French law government anti-doping program.

13-  Bathroom Break

Bathrooms break must be taken at the set break.

In boys single 1 toilet break per player is allowed. In girls single 2 bathroom breaks per player. In doubles both teams are entitled to take 2 bathrooms breaks.

14-  Team training

Practice schedule will be given to teams (2 courts / team for 1:30 hour, 2 cans of balls provided).

15- Unusual situation

If an acute or mandatory decision has to be taken during the competition, the rules of the competition could be amended or completed during the competition by the tournament committee. This decision will be applied instantly without any possible appeal.

16- Trophy

Tournament’s Trophy has the name written of each winner nation. The trophy is the property of the FFSU. A copy is given to the winning nation each year.

17- Image rights

All participants of the Master’U BNP Paribas must agree to give any publicity, sponsoring, right of image and videos, forever, to the committee of the tournament without any compensation.