Ranking 2016


2016 – Winner : UNITED-STATES Master’U BNP Paribas 2016 – Marcq-en -Baroeul – Métrople Européenne de Lille 1er: United-States 2e : Russia 3e : Great-Britain 4e : Germany 5e : France 6e : Belgium 7e : China 8e : Ireland READ MORE

Team USA made of steel


The United States won the Master’U BNP Paribas 2016. The team led by Greg Patton and Melissa Schaub beat Russia (4-1) in the final to lift the trophy for the sixth consecutive time.... READ MORE

Team USA, more than a team


The American team is very heterogeneous. Players aged 18 to 21 from all across the country discover themselves for a three days tournament. Among them, Tom Fawcett, already of the party last year.... READ MORE